Ramblings, Rants and Raves.

So I don’t really have anything to say, and yet I am blogging anyway. (That rhymed. It’s official: My hidden poetic talents are surfacing at last!) My plan is just to ramble on about a load of nonsense hoping that it somehow sounds the reverse. Though, thinking about it, that’s exactly what all of my previous posts have been. I need cerebral scrutiny, seriously. The fact that I just used that combination of words as opposed to something like “I need a brain scan” proves it. But as stated previously, I will use alliteration whenever I can. I do like it. I also keep getting distracted by the television; such a nuisance.

You know, I’ve realised, for a self announced book lover, I’ve spoken quite a lot about programmes that I’m not actually interested in, and not mentioned a single of the countless novels that take over the majority of my thoughts. The reason is simple, I’m currently not reading a novel. (I should be struck by lightening, I know. Maybe God will do justice on all of those books tonight? I know I would.) My excuse is this:


I have a tonne of books I need to finish; series I need to complete; stories I need to embed into my soul. (Yes, books mean that much to me. No, it doesn’t mean I need sectioning. Yes, I truly believe that.) And yet, here I am, procrastinating in book shops when I really should save myself some money and finish the ones I have. But… How can I not buy more? There’s so many interesting works out there! I just can’t leave them on the shelves. Hell, I can’t even resist the temptation of walking past the damn shop! I’ll have to do something about that. This can’t go on. I’ve allocated myself two hours a night to read books and not once have I done so over these past two weeks. Bad. Bad, bad, bad. Maybe I’ll take a different route on my way back from college. It’s the only solution I have at the moment.

Speaking of college, I have another confession to make. Well, not exactly a confession as I’m not really guilty, but I still feel sorry, so confession: (What was the point of that sentence, really? – Ah, the mundane ramblings of an idiot.)  I’d not attended college yesterday under the pretence that I was ill. Well, Karma or Fate got her own back because guess what happened today? That’s right, (unless you were wrong, in which case, that’s wrong), I fell ill. I felt absolutely dreadful this morning, and consequently missed out on my Biology and Chemistry lessons. (So everything I said would occur today in my post yesterday, with the one exception, didn’t. It just goes to show how easily the day can change.) I feel like I’m indeed taking you all on my journey with me. My journey into ruin. Yes, I need shooting. Yes, you can do so if you wish. But, I have only the one lesson first thing tomorrow morning so I will have plenty of time to catch up and complete the work I’ve put off for the duration of this blog. Good news at last!

Sister A is playing the complete version of “The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air” and I’m trying to rap along with it. In West Philadelphia, born and raised…

I am oh so cool wouldn’t you say? Also, I just heard the totally charming Colin Firth say the word “spaz” and saw the completely to-die-for Hugh Grant dance like a twat. My life is made.

So! That’s about it for my ramblings. Here’s a few last points I’d wanted to mention before I leave you all:

  • I changed the title of my second blog from “The Rage of Insomnia” to “The Fall of Plans” seeing as how the latter was more apt. And the former is a really good title! I just think it would be more suited if a post was about something that keeps me up at night, and trust me that will happen. The petty woes of my life and whatnot.
  • I’d wanted to rant on about my disgust regarding the response in the Islamic States to that pathetic anti-islam video. But, really there’s no point. Their actions are despicable but will they listen to reason? No. Honestly. The religion is about peace. Not really showing that with the protests, genii. Killing that American Ambassador is in fact worse than the video. I don’t tend to discuss religion often, and I doubt I will again, but I just thought that needed to be said by someone who is a Muslim and for the world to know, that we’re not all illiterate, uneducated fools. Though, it appears sadly, that we’re a minority. The adversities of life.
  • (So, there’s the mention of a rant, I’ve done the ramblings, and okay, I lied about the raves. Sorry. Have a drink on me and rave all night and perhaps put it in the comments?)
  • I think I’m going to reduce the amount of times I post. Firstly, this was not a part of my rota, and secondly, I’m running out of things to say. My posts are actually boring me. I have nothing exciting to say. I’m so prosaic (with only a tiny sprinkle of insanity). It’s ludicrous, so I’m going to try and cut this down to once a week.
  • I also had something to say about my ex-friend (as ever), but I can’t remember! Who would have thought it!? Is this a good sign? Or a bad one? You know, I’m not entirely sure.
  • Today was officially the last day I saw my best friend. She’s off on her journeys tomorrow, and I may just descend into depression. All’s well that ends well, Shakespeare? I think not. A good ending for one person, may be the worst thing possible for another. Think about that with your (though excellent) decaying/decayed mind.

And with that, I have a quote here that’ll both amuse you and confuse you. The best combination!

“Contrariwise, if it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn’t, it ain’t. That’s logic.” ~ Lewis Carrol. Think about that.

Until next week, (if I can resist), I bid thee oh reader, adieu.


Costly Farewells.

Blogging isn’t very healthy. Why you ask? (If you didn’t ask, you should have. Curiosity kills the cat and you’re not one, smarty.) Because all day I’ve thought of witty things to post, none of which you’ll see here as they are lost in the jungle of my memory. Having a chaotic mind isn’t exactly an advantage. Sigh.

Oh golly, Sister S has changed the channel to that silly Derren Brown thing. Adrenaline old friend, we meet again. Oh God there’s a creepy looking automaton on the screen. Adrenaline, meet Nightmares. You’ll be well acquainted by the end of this. Sister S, I hate you. Oh and look at that, the live show was hosted in my City. And he’s only wearing one shoe. Speaking of shoes, mine are damaging my feet. A day in the life of a midget. (I don’t know why I bother actually, heels or no heels, I’m still shorter than everybody.)

So, erm, I have a confession to make. I’ve repeated last week. I really, really hope I don’t make a pattern of this, but I missed my history lesson again, and I don’t even have poor punctuality as an excuse this time. Today was the last day I would get to see my best friend before she embarks on her life as a University Student (scary prospect, I know). Not exactly a valid excuse, but it’s the truth. (Not that I told the college that. It was really hard to act ill with her giggling at me.) I mean, what would you do? Spend the day with the greatest friend you don’t even deserve, or listen to the mundane monotony of your elderly teacher? (I hope you’re feeling a sense of deja vu here. If you’re not, then you haven’t read my first post. A curse upon you!) I chose the former, as you know. It just means that Sleep will just have to abandon me. I’m sorry Sleep. It was good while it lasted, those long summer nights, but I need Insomnia now. Please.

still haven’t written up my notes. Yes, I fail. Or I will. I have no excuse but pure laziness. Lazy, lazy, lazy. But in my defence, I was quite tired after work. Perhaps I’ll get an early night and wake up early tomorrow. Five am maybe? Three hours should be enough, right? We’ll see. I sincerely hope no one took my last post too seriously, or, at this rate, I’ll be legless/dead by the end of next week. But hopefully it won’t come to that. Hopefully. Damn you, rota. Come into effect already! (Passing the blame onto inanimate objects is yes, one of my finer qualities.)

I was late to work too, I told them I wanted to come in later and organised someone to cover for me. Two hours of work missed to spend with one of the best people in my life? Totally worth it. (If you pardon the teenage tone to that phrase.)

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her, except for one lapse in her judgement that will leave me scarred for life. (I know she’s reading this so this is for her: DISGUSTING AND VILE. Trust me reader, you do NOT want to know. I certainly didn’t.) We got up to the usual miscreant deeds: teasing each other and having her steal my phone to post innuendos on my social networks. (I’m never allowed to steal her phone. Is it just me who sees the injustice of that? – That’s for her too.) A bit of Doctor Who to spice things up between us and I said farewell to one of the most important people in my life. I swear, I felt my heart sink as I walked out that door. (Which just goes to show that there are many different types of love, and yet, in the end, it’s all the same.) Neither of us could say a proper goodbye. I’m hoping that’s because it isn’t. I certainly won’t let her get rid of me that easily. I’m worse than super glue! (Or better, depending on your super glue.)

Another thing of note is that I re read my ex friend’s blog for a bit of inspiration. (And because I’m a stupid masochist.) I noticed that his first post held an introduction about him. I didn’t do that. Oops? So, what to do now? Include an introduction, or not? And if so, what on earth do I put in it? All I know is that my life revolves around books. Books and a strive to learn; to grow. Books are my passion, and knowledge my fascination. That’s me in a gist, basically. Oh, and tea. I like tea. Or I say I like tea (because I do), I just don’t drink it as often as I want to. I’m strange. Not that you hadn’t gathered that after three posts.

That introduction certainly doesn’t do his justice, but I’m not him and if you’d like to read his I could lead you there. (It is pretty damn good I’ll admit.)

I was just asked if “ripping someone’s head off” is a criminal offence and whether they could be arrested. (See what I meant about attracting the psychos?) Now, a sane person would have simply asked what was wrong and who this person was/what they had done. But me, oh no, I answered the rhetorical question. Would they be arrested? I doubted it. I told them they’d probably get sectioned. A job well done!

Tomorrow will bring with it a new day (because that wasn’t obvious), a brief and final encounter with the best friend (tear), completed notes (hopefully), a word with Mr Monotone about what I missed in the lesson, and scary meetings with my tutors.

Until then, here’s one to tickle you:

“Behind every successful man, is a surprised woman.” ~ Unknown.

Good night and adieu.

The Fall Of Plans.

Insomnia didn’t greet me last night. She must be offended that I replaced her with Sleep. Never mind, Sleep was indeed, by my side.

I woke up this morning to the ruckus (I have a strange love for the word ruckus. It’s such a nice word: ruckus. And in my house, it couldn’t be more correct) created by my three younger sisters, who will henceforth be known individually as (in descending order): Sister A, S and U. The sister mentioned in yesterday’s blog was sister A. She’s the mardy one. She’s very self assured, in the household at least.

The school run causes quite a havoc. Sister U couldn’t find the trousers I’d ironed for her. (n.b re-evaluate whether you want children or not.) I’m so glad I don’t have that to endure anymore. Sixth forms and University for the win!

Ugh, the prospect of University applications is nauseating. And I still need to edit my personal statement, damn it.

Anyway, I started with the college organization I needed doing (see last post). I’m using my rota to be up to date within the next two weeks. If I’m not, one of you has the permission to shoot me. First in the leg so I feel the pain, then in the head to finish me off. Much appreciated, Reader.

Halfway in my organizing, I came to a disappointing revelation: I am in dire need of stationary so I can keep my notes neat and clear and away. Well. There went my plan out the window. I was supposed to write out all the work we’d covered over the last week. I didn’t. So that’s two more jobs to complete: a Ryman’s/Wilkinsons shopping spree and making notes on all work we did last week and today. Both were on the horizon! I think I might have to beg Insomnia to take me back. Sleep isn’t helping at the moment.

Ryman’s was exciting. I don’t know why, but I have a thing, more than a thing actually, for stationary shops.They are second in my list after book shops. (Don’t even get me started on those: the smell, my God!) Thankfully, I didn’t end up purchasing anything from there, tempting as it was, courtesy of my best friend who interrupted my drooling with an excited phone call. My, oh my, she is my favourite person.

I was late for my History lesson, despite the interruption, but not by much. We’re studying Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth I, an enticing woman. I would not have missed it for the world. I do love the Tudors. Such a fascinating family! I love the family trees and my teacher shares that love: a happy student here indeed! Chemistry was next and thanks to the stupid new timetable, I received panicked texts from a good friend regarding my whereabouts. She’s another nutter. I seem to attract a lot of those. I thought likes were supposed to repel? Her irksome/sweet (he likes to change) boyfriend is in our Biology class too; a right pair of wackos! But I love them her anyway.
Biology was as entertaining as it usually is. Who would’ve thought Botany could actually be interesting!? Such clever creatures. (If you haven’t noticed, I have a love for alliteration too.) A war with the aforementioned idiot and a few biological notes later, the college day concluded.

Wilkinsons was my destination next and I bought exactly what I needed! A hefty purchase for a few pens, but a productive one none the less.

The rest of the evening passed rather quickly, I spent two hours of it in employment: I didn’t really get a lot done, but I seldom do on the evening shifts. I’ll make up for it tomorrow afternoon where I’m scheduled (yes, it is in my rota) to spend four and a half hours there. A chilling juncture in the cold and I was home. I’d originally decided to write out my work, but I’m just too lazy. My rota has crumbled before it could be fully formed. Cruel life. A curse on your house!

Now, I’m off to the land of slumber, where sleep shall make his appearance. Or, with my luck, Insomnia will storm in, brandishing her weapon and keeping me awake.

Here’s a quote to keep you thinking, (warning: part of Insomnia’s arson.) The rage of Insomnia: beware.

“A sensible man ought to find sufficient company in himself.” ~ Emily Bronte. Yes, Emily. I quite agree!

Good night, farewell and, adieu.

Life’s Games.

My first week as an A2 student went about as smoothly as I expected. That’s to say: not very smoothly at all. The very hitches I expected were the very ones that came to be, only, twice as painful. Alas, that’s the game life plays!

Monday came and went without incident, I received my timetable and enjoyed all three of my lessons consecutively in one afternoon. Tuesday was in fact worse: I didn’t even attend the fourty-five minute class as I was due to be fifteen minutes late and highly doubted it was worth the trouble. Russian History with a monotonous teacher or an afternoon perusing a rather entertaining novel? You already know which one I went for. Not a promising start to the year, however, I’ll admit. I sincerely hope I did not start as I mean to go on or I’m in trouble.

I’d been quite lucky to evade a certain somebody for the former part of the week, but of course, that luck was just not to last. I’d had to speak to a friend I was no longer friends with; a harrowing experience. But someone had to be the decent person. I guess fate put that task in my hands. Thanks, Fate.

The next two days continued with spontaneous encounters with said ex-friend, the last of which accompanied a surge of painful memories, a strange but cruel twist of deja vu and a sense of nauseating nostalgia. (I had to have alliteration there, the opportunity was screaming at me.)

Thursday however, happened to be very productive. I succeeded in planning out my life. I completed a rota for myself where I would put in seven hours worth of study for each of my three subjects: History, Biology and Chemistry. I’m rather proud of that rota. Not that it’s in effect until tomorrow. Well. Supposed to be. We’ll see…

My younger sister is currently playing Dirty Little Secret and I can’t help but to move along to it. What is wrong with me? Now she’s playing something else, though not as entertaining. And my best friend is making strange horse like noises on the end of the phone. There’s something wrong with that woman. Where was I?

Sorry, for the tangent, but be prepared for them in all of my blogs! I have that irksome tendency of losing my train of thought. It’s more chaos than a train, really. And I prefer horse drawn carriages as my method of transport as it is…

Anyway, yes, Thursday, the only other thing of note was that I discussed my personal statement with my tutor. Damn, I still have to do that. Well that was Thursday for you. Now on to my favourite day of the week, as commercial as it is: Friday.

Friday started out badly, (see above about nostalgia), but during the day, I received a pleasant surprise that I was in dire need of! My best friend (currently being silly on the phone- also the one who convinced me to blog, check hers out, she epitomises witty) was in the city centre and wanted to meet me. Nothing could have made me happier. Sometimes, I’d bet she’s psychic.

The plan was a quick Starbucks, but plans never seem to work out when I’m around. Or when she’s around. We’ve never been able to tell, really, and we ended up contemplating Subway and arrived at the bank instead. (n.b The cashier who served us was very nice looking. His name was Adam- Yes, I’d read his badge. I mean, what else are they for?!)

I’m trying to keep this short, but it’s just not working. I’m as bad as my ex-friend. Sigh.

Ah well. We did eventually get a Starbucks: her with her coffeeblergh! And me with my signature hot chocolate and a triple chocolate cupcake. I was in that bad a mood. Then we made heavy light conversation about the complicated intricacies of each others lives and Starbucked our sorrows away. We are officially that cool.

My sister (I have three younger ones by the way) just announced that she’s off for a shower. I needed to know this why?

So that was the weekdays. The weekend has been pretty much par for course. Lazy days. Ugh. I was supposed to organise my college work so I could carry out my rota. It’s Sunday night and Monday in fourteen minutes and I have yet to do so. At least I organised the house a little. Minor consolation.

Maybe I should stay awake tonight and do what I need to do. Insomnia and I are old friends. We could get reacquainted! It’ll help me remain organised at least (staying awake tonight that is, not permanent insomnia). We’ll see. Depends on how much our coca-cola stock has depleted. If it hasn’t yet, it will.

That’s it, really folks. (I’m suddenly reminded of the Looney Tunes.) I wish I had something witty to end this with, but I don’t so I’ll steal something from someone else. I’m a quotes person you see.

“Knowledge without justice ought to be called cunning rather than wisdom.” ~ Plato.

Now I want to discuss that quote. Damn me. But, next time!
And with that, I bid you all, adieu.