Life’s Games.

My first week as an A2 student went about as smoothly as I expected. That’s to say: not very smoothly at all. The very hitches I expected were the very ones that came to be, only, twice as painful. Alas, that’s the game life plays!

Monday came and went without incident, I received my timetable and enjoyed all three of my lessons consecutively in one afternoon. Tuesday was in fact worse: I didn’t even attend the fourty-five minute class as I was due to be fifteen minutes late and highly doubted it was worth the trouble. Russian History with a monotonous teacher or an afternoon perusing a rather entertaining novel? You already know which one I went for. Not a promising start to the year, however, I’ll admit. I sincerely hope I did not start as I mean to go on or I’m in trouble.

I’d been quite lucky to evade a certain somebody for the former part of the week, but of course, that luck was just not to last. I’d had to speak to a friend I was no longer friends with; a harrowing experience. But someone had to be the decent person. I guess fate put that task in my hands. Thanks, Fate.

The next two days continued with spontaneous encounters with said ex-friend, the last of which accompanied a surge of painful memories, a strange but cruel twist of deja vu and a sense of nauseating nostalgia. (I had to have alliteration there, the opportunity was screaming at me.)

Thursday however, happened to be very productive. I succeeded in planning out my life. I completed a rota for myself where I would put in seven hours worth of study for each of my three subjects: History, Biology and Chemistry. I’m rather proud of that rota. Not that it’s in effect until tomorrow. Well. Supposed to be. We’ll see…

My younger sister is currently playing Dirty Little Secret and I can’t help but to move along to it. What is wrong with me? Now she’s playing something else, though not as entertaining. And my best friend is making strange horse like noises on the end of the phone. There’s something wrong with that woman. Where was I?

Sorry, for the tangent, but be prepared for them in all of my blogs! I have that irksome tendency of losing my train of thought. It’s more chaos than a train, really. And I prefer horse drawn carriages as my method of transport as it is…

Anyway, yes, Thursday, the only other thing of note was that I discussed my personal statement with my tutor. Damn, I still have to do that. Well that was Thursday for you. Now on to my favourite day of the week, as commercial as it is: Friday.

Friday started out badly, (see above about nostalgia), but during the day, I received a pleasant surprise that I was in dire need of! My best friend (currently being silly on the phone- also the one who convinced me to blog, check hers out, she epitomises witty) was in the city centre and wanted to meet me. Nothing could have made me happier. Sometimes, I’d bet she’s psychic.

The plan was a quick Starbucks, but plans never seem to work out when I’m around. Or when she’s around. We’ve never been able to tell, really, and we ended up contemplating Subway and arrived at the bank instead. (n.b The cashier who served us was very nice looking. His name was Adam- Yes, I’d read his badge. I mean, what else are they for?!)

I’m trying to keep this short, but it’s just not working. I’m as bad as my ex-friend. Sigh.

Ah well. We did eventually get a Starbucks: her with her coffeeblergh! And me with my signature hot chocolate and a triple chocolate cupcake. I was in that bad a mood. Then we made heavy light conversation about the complicated intricacies of each others lives and Starbucked our sorrows away. We are officially that cool.

My sister (I have three younger ones by the way) just announced that she’s off for a shower. I needed to know this why?

So that was the weekdays. The weekend has been pretty much par for course. Lazy days. Ugh. I was supposed to organise my college work so I could carry out my rota. It’s Sunday night and Monday in fourteen minutes and I have yet to do so. At least I organised the house a little. Minor consolation.

Maybe I should stay awake tonight and do what I need to do. Insomnia and I are old friends. We could get reacquainted! It’ll help me remain organised at least (staying awake tonight that is, not permanent insomnia). We’ll see. Depends on how much our coca-cola stock has depleted. If it hasn’t yet, it will.

That’s it, really folks. (I’m suddenly reminded of the Looney Tunes.) I wish I had something witty to end this with, but I don’t so I’ll steal something from someone else. I’m a quotes person you see.

“Knowledge without justice ought to be called cunning rather than wisdom.” ~ Plato.

Now I want to discuss that quote. Damn me. But, next time!
And with that, I bid you all, adieu.


2 thoughts on “Life’s Games.

  1. Hullo friend. Enjoyable post here, hope to see more soon. You’ve also nudged me towards perhaps beginning a blog for the old University experience. Perhaps…

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