The Fall Of Plans.

Insomnia didn’t greet me last night. She must be offended that I replaced her with Sleep. Never mind, Sleep was indeed, by my side.

I woke up this morning to the ruckus (I have a strange love for the word ruckus. It’s such a nice word: ruckus. And in my house, it couldn’t be more correct) created by my three younger sisters, who will henceforth be known individually as (in descending order): Sister A, S and U. The sister mentioned in yesterday’s blog was sister A. She’s the mardy one. She’s very self assured, in the household at least.

The school run causes quite a havoc. Sister U couldn’t find the trousers I’d ironed for her. (n.b re-evaluate whether you want children or not.) I’m so glad I don’t have that to endure anymore. Sixth forms and University for the win!

Ugh, the prospect of University applications is nauseating. And I still need to edit my personal statement, damn it.

Anyway, I started with the college organization I needed doing (see last post). I’m using my rota to be up to date within the next two weeks. If I’m not, one of you has the permission to shoot me. First in the leg so I feel the pain, then in the head to finish me off. Much appreciated, Reader.

Halfway in my organizing, I came to a disappointing revelation: I am in dire need of stationary so I can keep my notes neat and clear and away. Well. There went my plan out the window. I was supposed to write out all the work we’d covered over the last week. I didn’t. So that’s two more jobs to complete: a Ryman’s/Wilkinsons shopping spree and making notes on all work we did last week and today. Both were on the horizon! I think I might have to beg Insomnia to take me back. Sleep isn’t helping at the moment.

Ryman’s was exciting. I don’t know why, but I have a thing, more than a thing actually, for stationary shops.They are second in my list after book shops. (Don’t even get me started on those: the smell, my God!) Thankfully, I didn’t end up purchasing anything from there, tempting as it was, courtesy of my best friend who interrupted my drooling with an excited phone call. My, oh my, she is my favourite person.

I was late for my History lesson, despite the interruption, but not by much. We’re studying Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth I, an enticing woman. I would not have missed it for the world. I do love the Tudors. Such a fascinating family! I love the family trees and my teacher shares that love: a happy student here indeed! Chemistry was next and thanks to the stupid new timetable, I received panicked texts from a good friend regarding my whereabouts. She’s another nutter. I seem to attract a lot of those. I thought likes were supposed to repel? Her irksome/sweet (he likes to change) boyfriend is in our Biology class too; a right pair of wackos! But I love them her anyway.
Biology was as entertaining as it usually is. Who would’ve thought Botany could actually be interesting!? Such clever creatures. (If you haven’t noticed, I have a love for alliteration too.) A war with the aforementioned idiot and a few biological notes later, the college day concluded.

Wilkinsons was my destination next and I bought exactly what I needed! A hefty purchase for a few pens, but a productive one none the less.

The rest of the evening passed rather quickly, I spent two hours of it in employment: I didn’t really get a lot done, but I seldom do on the evening shifts. I’ll make up for it tomorrow afternoon where I’m scheduled (yes, it is in my rota) to spend four and a half hours there. A chilling juncture in the cold and I was home. I’d originally decided to write out my work, but I’m just too lazy. My rota has crumbled before it could be fully formed. Cruel life. A curse on your house!

Now, I’m off to the land of slumber, where sleep shall make his appearance. Or, with my luck, Insomnia will storm in, brandishing her weapon and keeping me awake.

Here’s a quote to keep you thinking, (warning: part of Insomnia’s arson.) The rage of Insomnia: beware.

“A sensible man ought to find sufficient company in himself.” ~ Emily Bronte. Yes, Emily. I quite agree!

Good night, farewell and, adieu.


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