Ramblings, Rants and Raves.

So I don’t really have anything to say, and yet I am blogging anyway. (That rhymed. It’s official: My hidden poetic talents are surfacing at last!) My plan is just to ramble on about a load of nonsense hoping that it somehow sounds the reverse. Though, thinking about it, that’s exactly what all of my previous posts have been. I need cerebral scrutiny, seriously. The fact that I just used that combination of words as opposed to something like “I need a brain scan” proves it. But as stated previously, I will use alliteration whenever I can. I do like it. I also keep getting distracted by the television; such a nuisance.

You know, I’ve realised, for a self announced book lover, I’ve spoken quite a lot about programmes that I’m not actually interested in, and not mentioned a single of the countless novels that take over the majority of my thoughts. The reason is simple, I’m currently not reading a novel. (I should be struck by lightening, I know. Maybe God will do justice on all of those books tonight? I know I would.) My excuse is this:


I have a tonne of books I need to finish; series I need to complete; stories I need to embed into my soul. (Yes, books mean that much to me. No, it doesn’t mean I need sectioning. Yes, I truly believe that.) And yet, here I am, procrastinating in book shops when I really should save myself some money and finish the ones I have. But… How can I not buy more? There’s so many interesting works out there! I just can’t leave them on the shelves. Hell, I can’t even resist the temptation of walking past the damn shop! I’ll have to do something about that. This can’t go on. I’ve allocated myself two hours a night to read books and not once have I done so over these past two weeks. Bad. Bad, bad, bad. Maybe I’ll take a different route on my way back from college. It’s the only solution I have at the moment.

Speaking of college, I have another confession to make. Well, not exactly a confession as I’m not really guilty, but I still feel sorry, so confession: (What was the point of that sentence, really? – Ah, the mundane ramblings of an idiot.)  I’d not attended college yesterday under the pretence that I was ill. Well, Karma or Fate got her own back because guess what happened today? That’s right, (unless you were wrong, in which case, that’s wrong), I fell ill. I felt absolutely dreadful this morning, and consequently missed out on my Biology and Chemistry lessons. (So everything I said would occur today in my post yesterday, with the one exception, didn’t. It just goes to show how easily the day can change.) I feel like I’m indeed taking you all on my journey with me. My journey into ruin. Yes, I need shooting. Yes, you can do so if you wish. But, I have only the one lesson first thing tomorrow morning so I will have plenty of time to catch up and complete the work I’ve put off for the duration of this blog. Good news at last!

Sister A is playing the complete version of “The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air” and I’m trying to rap along with it. In West Philadelphia, born and raised…

I am oh so cool wouldn’t you say? Also, I just heard the totally charming Colin Firth say the word “spaz” and saw the completely to-die-for Hugh Grant dance like a twat. My life is made.

So! That’s about it for my ramblings. Here’s a few last points I’d wanted to mention before I leave you all:

  • I changed the title of my second blog from “The Rage of Insomnia” to “The Fall of Plans” seeing as how the latter was more apt. And the former is a really good title! I just think it would be more suited if a post was about something that keeps me up at night, and trust me that will happen. The petty woes of my life and whatnot.
  • I’d wanted to rant on about my disgust regarding the response in the Islamic States to that pathetic anti-islam video. But, really there’s no point. Their actions are despicable but will they listen to reason? No. Honestly. The religion is about peace. Not really showing that with the protests, genii. Killing that American Ambassador is in fact worse than the video. I don’t tend to discuss religion often, and I doubt I will again, but I just thought that needed to be said by someone who is a Muslim and for the world to know, that we’re not all illiterate, uneducated fools. Though, it appears sadly, that we’re a minority. The adversities of life.
  • (So, there’s the mention of a rant, I’ve done the ramblings, and okay, I lied about the raves. Sorry. Have a drink on me and rave all night and perhaps put it in the comments?)
  • I think I’m going to reduce the amount of times I post. Firstly, this was not a part of my rota, and secondly, I’m running out of things to say. My posts are actually boring me. I have nothing exciting to say. I’m so prosaic (with only a tiny sprinkle of insanity). It’s ludicrous, so I’m going to try and cut this down to once a week.
  • I also had something to say about my ex-friend (as ever), but I can’t remember! Who would have thought it!? Is this a good sign? Or a bad one? You know, I’m not entirely sure.
  • Today was officially the last day I saw my best friend. She’s off on her journeys tomorrow, and I may just descend into depression. All’s well that ends well, Shakespeare? I think not. A good ending for one person, may be the worst thing possible for another. Think about that with your (though excellent) decaying/decayed mind.

And with that, I have a quote here that’ll both amuse you and confuse you. The best combination!

“Contrariwise, if it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn’t, it ain’t. That’s logic.” ~ Lewis Carrol. Think about that.

Until next week, (if I can resist), I bid thee oh reader, adieu.


I've blabbed on enough. Now for your thoughts!

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