Disordered Order.

Good night, readers.

I wonder, (when don’t I?) why is that necessarily a farewell? You’re wishing a person’s night a pleasant one and at the same time, you’re parting ways. Well, what if you want to greet someone (as above) but it’s not the morning, afternoon or evening? “Hello” is just too modern for me, too blasé for my liking (see next post about how I was born in the wrong century- look at that, I’m a Psychic!). It’s a throw away term; you can say hello to your enemy whilst internally imagining them in a pit of venomous snakes (actually, I can be much more imaginative than that but shhh). You do not wish a “good” anything on anyone that you don’t have some degree of positive feelings for. (Unless you’re a sadist, in which case, what in the heavens above and below are you doing on my blog creepo?)

What a silly thing to rant about at 1am, (I say that like it isn’t silly to rant about at a more reasonable time- sigh) but hey, it’s appropriate at this hour at least. Sort of.

I don’t even have a reason to blog, I’m simply typing away because I’m stupid. And, I’ve only just noticed that my above statement about sadism is utter hokum and incorrect . Ah well. More incongruous posts from a buffoon. Don’t you just love it? (Surprisingly enough, many of you do. I send my sincerest thanks!)

What is the point of this post, really? (Ah, do you see what I did there with my alliteration? I did.) The truth is that there is not a single reason for the existence of this piece of writing other than the fact that I’ve had a long day and I need to write to erase the beehive in my mind, buzzing away in my cognizance (imagine quite literally having that in your head- ouch). The other purpose being to (hopefully) entertain you, my dear readers. (And apparently to also waste your time with my balderdash of words.)

So, do let me know whether this post completes Aristotle’s Four Causes:

1. The material cause: Internet, laptop perhaps? Whatever this web base is made out of.

2. The formal cause: Order in disorder. It is a piece of creative writing, and therefore has some form of structure.

3. The efficient cause: Me! [Insert your own smiley face here.]

4. The final cause: Whether it fulfills its purpose, to entertain you all. Do let me know.

I hope you all enjoyed that little philosophical lesson, (honestly, I’ve probably lost a tonne of followers, but I think Aristotle, though flawed, is primarily AWESOME) and I’ll end my bout of nonsense here. (Maybe I’m talking too much sense for myself to understand, let’s look at the bright side.)

Here’s an amusing quote from the man himself:

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” ~ Aristotle. (That explains so much. And yes, I am so cheeky.)

Until next time: good night, readers. (I’ll let you all work that one out for yourselves, shall I? [Insert wink here.])



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