Shattered Glass.

It’s all a bunch of poppycock. Love, friendship, care, loyalty, respect, perhaps even decency. Hogwash. It’s all a thing of the past. It no longer exists in the world I live in. I wasn’t meant for this century. (Cue my psychic moment.)

Everyone, everyone, thinks of themselves first. For themselves. Everyone looks at actions rather than intentions. World War I was ultimately down to politics (I admit, I haven’t done my research properly. Someone do inform me if I’m wrong. Ignorance in this matter has no excuse.) A multitude of desultory deaths. World War II was to stop Germany’s invasion and to hinder the spread and continuation of Hitler’s regime. Both led to pointless deaths. The intentions, however, were different. But will the people in my life see that in ordinary things? Hell no!

If you have someone out there who cares for you and shows you that daily, cherish them, revere them, for they are a rarity upon this world. If you care for someone and always have that care reciprocated, do the same as above, for your relationship too, is scarce. And if you care for someone who always puts you second, walk away. Before you get your heart broken so much that it mimics the shattering of a glass into a million shards, tinkling away on the floor: irreparable. The breaking of a glass reaches countless ears, loud and angry; the breaking of a heart, much more fragile, is soundless and reaches no one.

I leave you on a sad note readers, but sometimes, reality just gets in the way, and cuts you as sharply as a fragment of a fractured piece of glass.



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