Swordstress: Daily Prompt.

This is something I’ve been working on for a few years. I thought it was a great idea coming from The Daily Post and have cooked up a little blurb myself. Here goes. Would you want to know more?

“Life goes on without you.” Yes, well, for Myrna, so does war. A warrior born in the blood of battle, Myrna has found herself far away from the likes of conflict. She’s been placed in remission, thanks to her one fatal flaw. The kind of flaw that the Olc and Hellrune have no place for: mercy. Untrusting, and desolate at her fate, little does she now that this abstinence is about to end, in the form of her arch enemy.

She is forced to unite with the man she has learnt to kill, as they travel through the treacherous lands of Talemoc. Their goal? To reach the council she was raised to loathe and to learn the truth of her past; of the deadly secret that had been unknown to her throughout her existence. The secret that had been the puppet to her life. Now only cracking the surface, Myrna will stop at nothing to get her revenge. And she knows just how to serve it: with ice; without mercy.


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