Oh, The Festive Paradox.

Merry Christmas, readers!

Why, hello there! It has been a while, hasn’t it? I hope you’ve all been in good health and that life has been gracious to you. I was actually reminded last night about my blog; I’d quite forgotten to post this week. (The previous weeks, I was at a loss for what to say. Sad times, right?) Well, this month has been an interesting one. Lots going on. WARNING: This post shall be long as I attempt to catch you all up. I’ve spent the entire morning arguing with/talking to myself, trying to come up with something dryly humorous to write and I still haven’t come to a conclusion. I’m not sure if this is good or bad.

So, the majority of the month has consisted of attempts to find out why on earth I’ve been so ill. Turns out, my iron levels are low and I’m stressing. They’ve changed my medication; hopefully, something good will come out of it. (i.e like 100% attendance post the Christmas holidays. Yes please. Because otherwise, I’ll just get stressed again, resulting in lower iron levels, a lower attendance, more stress and look at that, we have a jolly old paradox!) 2013, here I come!

Speaking of college, education and my future, it’s that time of year again. (Well, technically not, seeing as how it will occur in the coming year, but that’s not so far away… Yes, I’m nonsensing again. Ignore me.) That’s right, Exam season dawns upon us! (Notice the capital. Exams deserve it.) But, surprisingly, I’m quite alright with it and not as panicky as I expected. (Maybe I shouldn’t have written that. Watch me write a post next week about how little revision I have done. FML.) I’ve started my History coursework and I’m only just taking a break. I’m focusing on History today. Once my coursework is done, I’ll be writing up my Russian notes. Tomorrow will consist of answering Chemistry questions with a dash of Biology near the end. My Chemistry coursework is more or less done, only a few tweaks needed, which I can focus on after exams. Thursday, I have a four hour shift at work, but the rest of the day (with a brief interval) shall be Biology based. I’m actually organised. Which means I can start the new year with my rota! Finally. Things are falling into place. What a merry Christmas indeed! [Insert euphoric face here.]

The last thing of note with my education is that I’ve finally completed and sent my University application. Which was really quite stupid, considering the fact that it’s Christmas and it will take almost forever (because it damn well feels like forever) to get a response. Gah, why didn’t I just send it off in September? I’ve had it ready since then. My predicted and AS grades meet the criteria, and yet I was still just so scared to send it. Stupid, stupid, buffoon. Now, waiting for a response, I am nervous as censored. I’m really quite annoying my mother, checking my email every four hours. Just in case there’s some sort of a response. What is my life, even?

Anywho, (she says while inhaling deeply), now onto the social aspects of my life. Ha. A pleasant fish blamed his miss comings on me, and told me to get out of my biology class, because lately I’ve been, and I quote, “an antisocial b****”. If anything, it amused me. And I didn’t leave my biology classroom. (Of course.) So, that’s it for my social life. Getting yelled at for not answering texts and being an old misery guts who avoids everyone like the plague. Oops.

You know, I’m quite curious about the origins of that phrase, “avoid like the plague”. Because it wiped out thousands of people. Clearly, not many did succeed in avoiding it. How do you abscond from bacteria in pre-nineteenth century, pray tell? Unless it’s referring to the roads people used to avoid in Elizabethan times; the “plague roads”. Hmmm. Questions, oh so many questions. Google, you know what to do.

The only exception to my anti-socialism has been the new friend I’ve mentioned in previous posts, (the one I’ve technically been on a date with) who will henceforth be known as Fluffy. (Long story.) She’s the only one whose texts I’ve been properly replying to (exiguously) and I’ve invited her around to my house a few times (as I’ve been too ill to go out). We even went Christmas shopping together on Friday! (Note to self: She is much easier to shop with than the best friend. She hates it as much as I do. Awesome.) We actually ended up in a fancy dress shop, where she purchased her sister’s Christmas present. Once that was done, we succumbed to messing around and taking photos with the various fancy dress. (That’s beginning to become a habit. Every time I go into that shop, I end up with a new profile picture. First, it was a top hat- because I’m a magician don’t you know?- now, a masquerade mask, because I’m oh so mysterious. Next… yes, I’m actually frightened about what “next” will be. That shop is insane.) I also managed to make purchases: one a secret santa gift for work, and then my sister’s birthday present (an art set and acrylic paints, which I’m genuinely envious of. I need to make another trip to WH Smith and buy my own.) Stationary and book shops equal my life. The rest of the human race may content themselves with food and sleep. Not me, all I need is a good book and a few pretty pens; nought else is necessary.

Ah, books! Well, whilst I haven’t been in college, I’ve had plenty a time to read. I’ve finished ‘The Life of Pi’, which, by the way, was excellent. I’m also finally done with my silly old YA novels, (no offence to anyone, especially the YA writers- you made most of my childhood) finally on to proper literature with a sporadic scattering of fantasy based novels. I’m currently rereading Tolkein in time for The Hobbit film. I can, not, wait. AAAAAAAH. Thorin Oakfield here I come. (He’s portrayed by Richard Armitage – I had to check, okay? – who was also Gisborne in the BBC’s adaption of Robin Hood. OH, MY, YES PLEASE.)

The BBC, by the way, I hate. Thanks to their checkmate move: axing Merlin. My life is over. You people do not even understand. Not even Doctor Who’s Christmas special can console me. FOR THE LOVE OF CAMELOT.

That’s about it for what’s been going on in my life. Elaborate, huh?

So! It’s Christmassssssss!

A lovely time of year! First, it’s in the winter season, which is without a doubt my favourite season of the year. I do love living in England. We’ve had “terrible” weather. Well, it has been terrible. I mean, where’s all the snow? It’s been nothing but rain. We have the summer for that! I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, indeed. Nothing cheers me up quite like a dark evening with snow falling. It’s beautiful and breath taking.

It’s also the season of giving, understanding and love. And though I don’t celebrate it, I think the sentiment behind it, is lovely and I still wish all of my friends (yet another paradox, but a nice one).

So merry Christmas my dear readers! I hope I haven’t bored you all with my balderdash of words, and I hope you’ve had a wonderful day, surrounded by the friends and family you so revere.

Here’s my quote:

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.” ~ Norman V Peale. Awwwww. Merry Christmas!

p.s I didn’t actually mention all the things I’d been rambling about to myself this morning, instead, I’ll save it for other posts!

Here’s the original Santa, before he was commercialised. Curse you, Coca-cola! (She says while drinking one, and suffering from an addiction.)


Until next time!