Just a little note…

Hello my beloved readers!

It has been quite the while. I have so much to tell you all! My, a lot has changed within the last month. For one, I’m a year older! (Ugh), and my circle of friends seems to be ever expanding (shocker!), though admittedly, it’s more the return of old acquaintances. My attendance has improved, (we’re looking at 50% now! – yes, I need shooting), exams are over (results soon, please kill me?), and now the real clincher is coursework! So, I better get on with it.

I shall be monologuing again soon (I have three weeks worth of a draft coming along), until then my dears, take care and I bid thee adieu!

“A nation’s treasure is in its scholars.” ~ Chinese Proverb.


2 thoughts on “Just a little note…

  1. I await with baited breath! Hey you, I am so sorry I missed your last call. I hope all is well with you. Love and stuff.

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