Peregrination to the mythical…

Why good evening, everyone!

So, I promised a post and I have yet to break my word (something I am actually rather proud of to be honest!) and I’m not going to start now. Ladies and gentleman I give you the draft!

“On a rather serene Monday evening I was making plans to meet up with a friend, but we were at a loss as to what to do. Well, he wasn’t as bad as me, he always has a vague plan. Eventually, some sort of light bulb lit in his head and he had an idea that he simply refused to talk to me about. He’d decided where we were going and what we would be doing for the day; the only clue I got was that it would be the closest place to Middle Earth I would find in our city. Well, I wasn’t going to complain about that! Besides, I do actually trust his judgement, (but he doesn’t need to know that, shhh.) Imagine my excitement! A thousand speculations ran through the gauze that was my mind that evening, (it was getting late and I tired, I really should keep a better eye on the time and my sleeping patterns, she says at one am…) but none of them were concrete enough. I had absolutely no idea where he was taking me and I anticipated my bed time eagerly that night. I wanted it all over so that I could discover this amazing place!

Anyway, I went to work for the morning rather early that day so that I could get it out of the way and arranged to meet with him in the city centre. I admit that I started skipping a little on the way down, I was rather excited! But I managed to reign myself in by the time that I reached him, (hence the preskip!) so that I could get all of my eagerness out of my system ensuring that I behaved once we reached this elusive place! (And I did behave, quite well. I was rather smug actually!)

The trek took a while, and there were vague hints that he would get us lost, mostly to scare me, but to be perfectly honest, I really wouldn’t have minded. He is one of three people I could quite happily get lost with. I had done it once before with the best friend, and it was genuinely one of the most freeing moments of my life. But that’s a tale for another time. I actually did pretend that we were lost for a juncture, when we got to the part I’d never been to before. It was a gentil walk, alongside a river no less and I have a habit of making things more magical than they are; I wanted that feeling again, if even for a brief moment whilst we meandered. The rest of the time was spent relaying tales, (his were definitely more interesting than mine) whilst the wind caressed my face. It was a pleasant trip and I rather enjoyed it.

There was a moment that sparked a single flash of fear: thanks to my accursed height, we suspected that we might not reach our destination. Now reader, I’m not a dwarf, but ugh, I might as well be for all the good it does me! There was a fence and we weren’t sure whether I would have been able to climb over it, or whether there was a path on the other side. I’m fairly sure that I would have been able to, (I can be quite agile when I want to be) and if worst had come to worst he would have had to have helped me get over, but I really loathed being as short as I am in that moment. Worse, he’s a giant so I was particularly aware of my own height! But luckily, there was a path so we didn’t have to test my agility or his helping-short-people skills this particular juncture in time.

So! We rounded the corner, and I was a little busy paying attention to what he was actually saying (some interesting tale, I assure you) so it took me a little longer than it should have to notice the building in the horizon, but oh my god when I did: I actually couldn’t help myself, I screamed the words “oh my god” as soon as I saw the headquarters for the Games Workshop! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH. It took everything, everything I had not to embarrass him in the middle of the street when I saw it. I’d been curious about it for a while, but I didn’t have the faintest indication as to where it was and he’d brought me here! YAY. Definitely the closest place to Middle Earth that I would find!

There were cool giant models on the way to the entrance and I really couldn’t contain my excitement. I was in a little bit of awe so uncharacteristically remained somewhat silent once we got inside. I was also a little bit nervous to begin with, I didn’t know what I would find, and I feel stupid things anyway. But that vanished the moment I crossed the threshold. I stood next to a life sized image of a Space Marine. (It’s safe to say that I barely reached his knee…) The artwork along the walls was absolutely spectacular and I slowed a little to get a better look. I think he lost me a few times, but it’s not my fault that it was all so cool! And I wasn’t sure when exactly we’d be returning so I wanted a proper look at everything! It was my first time there, so my curiosity and time consuming ways were completely justified!

He gave me the choice of either going to the games’ tables first or to ‘go upstairs’ and seeing as how I had no idea as to what I would find in either of those places I left the choice to him. (Admittedly, I usually do. I’m a rather decisive person, I want to be doing something but I feel somewhat rude making decisions for other people and that maybe they’re just humouring me. I’ve never been fussy, so I leave the choice to everyone else!) He took me upstairs, it was rather wise. There was so much to see. I took forever! ‘Twas indeed rather enchanting to be honest. The models were absolutely beautiful and so clever and creative. They must have taken hours to paint. It was rather difficult to imagine all the effort put into all the detail; it was so fine and thorough! Everything was me sized! (That probably made me more happy than it should have.) The ones for The Hobbit were pretty stunning, and rather amusing, but I passed on them quickly. (I still haven’t seen the film so I’m a little averse to gazing at anything related in case I come across a spoiler.) The ones for the Warhammer Fantasy kept my interest for a little longer, mostly because the characters are similar to the 40k universe. The elves were pretty marvelous to look at; so intricate! I imagined that I could feel the power radiating from them. (Okay, I go a little over the top, I’ll admit. But there’s a part of me that yearns for it all to be real. Well, not precisely the 40k, just fantasy in general; mythical creatures, worlds long lost. I am a bit of a dreamer, I’ll admit. It’s why I read so much.)

Then I got to the 40k models. (God knows where I’d lost my friend, he was in the same room. I think.) Honestly, I was stunned. They were so awesome and hilarious! The Dark Eldar and the Tyrannids were especially menacing. I think I may even take photos the next time I go and post them on here. They really were darn right astounding! There were even some models I’d never heard of before and quotes all along them too! That entertained me somewhat. I like my quotes, and they were touching, hair-raising or funny, and sometimes all three! I started texting the ones I was really fond of to my friend, so that I could keep them for future reference! Then we got to the BIG one. There was a massive model that told a story, the Tyrannids were everywhere and you had to circle it to get the flow of the tale. It was rather humorous when the Tyrannids snuck up on the unsuspecting warriors, who thought their defence impeccable! That rather tickled the both of us! (I’d found him by then, turns out he had been in the room the entire time…) It was all rather adorable, as there were young children who came running into the room, exclaiming the excitement I felt. (I really, really tried to behave. I assume, probably correctly, that the people in the room liked their ability to hear and my voice has the tendency of having the ability to communicate with bats…) Even the adults couldn’t contain the proclamations of their joy! I may not have partaken in the screaming but I understood the thrill, that’s for sure!

After I’d had my fill of the models (and stolen a few quotes) we went down to the gaming tables, and golly were they cool! So meticulous and comprehensive in their work. Truly pieces of art in their own right! We went to the actual ‘shop’ bit too and I was rather engrossed with all the Black Library titles. Some I thought of gifting ze friend with (whom I had lost again… It’s okay, though, he’s a giant, so it wouldn’t have been entirely impossible to find him again. He was interested in the paints and codices, and well, there were books. Fictional books. Fantasy/Sci-fi based books that I have recently taken an interest in. And books with breath taking artwork too. Books. Need I say more?) and others I wanted for myself! (Naturally.) So that kept me engaged for quite the while before I realised that I couldn’t hear him talking anymore…

And that was it for the day at the wonderful land of the Games Workshop! It’s a day that I will definitely keep with me. I enjoyed myself thoroughly!”

So, that’s all for the draft that has been waiting in my Dashboard for the last month, and my how much has happened since then! I saw both Fluffy and Tortoise later that week and even managed to sort out my student accommodation! But more on all that in the next post. I have a few drafts for that too, you see…

“He who sees his own doom can better avoid its path. He who sees the doom of others can deliver it.” ~ Eldrad Ulthran.

Until that next time.


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