An old friend of mine used to say “victory is in indifference” and for a long time I agreed. But he’s not completely right in my opinion. Victory is in knowing that you did the right thing, because in the words of the same friend, your conscience catches up with you eventually. Victory is in knowing that what you did was out of love and respect and nothing more. And if they don’t understand that, even after you explain it to them and have proven your care over and over again, then there is nothing more for you to do. As long as you do everything that you can, what more can be expected of you?

Yes, this post is a little passive aggressive and tailored for a particular audience, but I’m still right. And I doubt that this will reach that audience. All things considered, it shouldn’t, so this last paragraph is possibly pointless. But then, one could argue that this entire blog is!

As ever, I hope that you are all well and I bid the adieu.


I've blabbed on enough. Now for your thoughts!

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