Emotional Boudica

Good evening one and all! This is a quick post, simply to assure you, my beloved readers, that I am actually posting. Last week was somewhat fabulous, and I have lots of exciting things to tell. I have a draft from Friday evening, (some five days ago) but sadly events of the weekend left that draft unfinished, and the situation hasn’t changed as of yet, so expect a delay after this post.

I hope you are all well!

As for the title, a very close friend just labelled me as much, and I must say I approve! I think I might even put that in my ‘About me.’ section too! Jazz it up a bit. [Insert wink here.]

Now for my quote! Hmmm, quotes, quotes, quote-ee-dee-doo-da. Seeing as how we’re talking about warriors, and by default, war, my quote will be from my escapades. Well, I stole a few from my adventure last week… (You just can’t wait, can you, reader? Well neither can I! Patience, my dear reader, patience. That tale deserves well thought out words and I shall not disappoint! That is my vow and I am a man of my word. Wo-man, at least. Half of it is already written anyway.)

It touched both the warrior, and the literature student within me.

“Be swift and silent – as the breeze that crosses the dunes – without stirring a grain of sand.” ~ Captain Al’rahem. Tallarn Desert Raiders.

Until the next exciting time, I bid thee adieu!