Emotional Boudica

Good evening one and all! This is a quick post, simply to assure you, my beloved readers, that I am actually posting. Last week was somewhat fabulous, and I have lots of exciting things to tell. I have a draft from Friday evening, (some five days ago) but sadly events of the weekend left that draft unfinished, and the situation hasn’t changed as of yet, so expect a delay after this post.

I hope you are all well!

As for the title, a very close friend just labelled me as much, and I must say I approve! I think I might even put that in my ‘About me.’ section too! Jazz it up a bit. [Insert wink here.]

Now for my quote! Hmmm, quotes, quotes, quote-ee-dee-doo-da. Seeing as how we’re talking about warriors, and by default, war, my quote will be from my escapades. Well, I stole a few from my adventure last week… (You just can’t wait, can you, reader? Well neither can I! Patience, my dear reader, patience. That tale deserves well thought out words and I shall not disappoint! That is my vow and I am a man of my word. Wo-man, at least. Half of it is already written anyway.)

It touched both the warrior, and the literature student within me.

“Be swift and silent – as the breeze that crosses the dunes – without stirring a grain of sand.” ~ Captain Al’rahem. Tallarn Desert Raiders.

Until the next exciting time, I bid thee adieu!


Missed Opportunities.

So, I’m not at the party. And now I’ll never know what could have happened. Ah well. I guess I’ve closed the book now. Let’s hope it is indeed a book and not just a chapter, where the content may crop up again.

In the words of a melodramatic fish: “Done, finished, finito, finis.” Please. Because this heartache is pointless. He doesn’t care and apparently he never did. Finito.

I shall try to cease posting about what a hormonal, emotional teenager I am henceforth. (Try and fail most likely, but still.)

Today’s quote is from the same fish in regards to my feelings about the same ex friend:
“You’re just a normal girl… No offence.” It did make me laugh, if nothing else.


p.s if you don’t understand what this post is about, shame on you! You’ve ignored my other posts! Please, go and have a peruse!